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Interview with John Armitage

In a previous post I reviewed a paper on astropalaeontology which I had serendipitously discovered. I tracked down the author of The Prospect of Astro-Palaeontology, John Armitage, who is Director of the South Staffordshire Observatory to ask some questions his paper inspired: Could you tell me something about your background? I gather from scattered sources on the internet that you have a background in astronomy, but do you have any archaeological training as well? I have always been interested in astronomy. I have been a member of the British Astronomical Association for 50 years and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society for over 36 years. My first degree was in Earth and Planetary Science, and my subsequent research was in Micropalaeontology, thus my interest in microfossils in meteorites, etc. Have you written any … Read entire article »

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Interview with Thomas Harlan

[An interview from my old blog in 2006, reposted 2 May 2010] Thomas Harlan’s military-archaeological alternate future series In the Time of the Sixth Sun (Wasteland of Flint, House of Reeds) stands out among recent archaeo-SF. The books feature a xenoarchaeologist protagonist, Gretchen Anderssen, and strongly emphasise the techniques used to unravel archaeological mysteries on other worlds. Thomas Harlan lives in Salem, Oregon. For more information, see his official site. (Note: the following interview may contain spoilers.) Steve Wilson: Every alternate history has a turning point, where the fictional timeline separates from our history. Where does the Sixth Sun universe diverge from the real world? What led to Aztec dominance, and what are its ramifications, apart from the fashion for feathered-cape-wearing, and a religious right to smoke tobacco? Thomas Harlan: In the late … Read entire article »

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Interview with Sean Williams

[An interview from my old blog in 2006, reposted 26 April 2010] Sean Williams is a New York Times best selling science fiction author who lives in Adelaide, Australia. He is the author of almost seventy published short stories and twenty-seven novels, including the Books of the Catalcysm and (with Shane Dix) the bestselling Evergence, Orphans and Geodesica series. He has co-written three books in the Star Wars: New Jedi Order series and is a multiple recipient of both the Ditmar and Aurealis Awards. [Note: the following interview may contain spoilers. – Space Archaeology] Space Archaeology: You’ve written novels at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the prevalence of extraterrestrial intelligence. At one end is the Star Wars universe, with its abundance of interacting species, and at the other end … Read entire article »

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