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Interview with Thomas Harlan

[An interview from my old blog in 2006, reposted 2 May 2010] Thomas Harlan’s military-archaeological alternate future series In the Time of the Sixth Sun (Wasteland of Flint, House of Reeds) stands out among recent archaeo-SF. The books feature a xenoarchaeologist protagonist, Gretchen Anderssen, and strongly emphasise the techniques used to unravel archaeological mysteries on other worlds. Thomas Harlan lives in Salem, Oregon. For more information, see his official site. (Note: the following interview may contain spoilers.) Steve Wilson: Every alternate history has a turning point, where the fictional timeline separates from our history. Where does the Sixth Sun universe diverge from the real world? What led to Aztec dominance, and what are its ramifications, apart from the fashion for feathered-cape-wearing, and a religious right to smoke tobacco? Thomas Harlan: In the late … Read entire article »

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