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Interview with John Armitage

In a previous post I reviewed a paper on astropalaeontology which I had serendipitously discovered. I tracked down the author of The Prospect of Astro-Palaeontology, John Armitage, who is Director of the South Staffordshire Observatory to ask some questions his paper inspired: Could you tell me something about your background? I gather from scattered sources on the internet that you have a background in astronomy, but do you have any archaeological training as well? I have always been interested in astronomy. I have been a member of the British Astronomical Association for 50 years and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society for over 36 years. My first degree was in Earth and Planetary Science, and my subsequent research was in Micropalaeontology, thus my interest in microfossils in meteorites, etc. Have you written any … Read entire article »

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