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The First Words on Mars: A List from Science Fiction

There was some discussion on Twitter about the first words that should be spoken on Mars. I’m preserving some examples I found here and will add to it periodically.

  • “Welcome to Mars!” – Roy Rockwood (1910) Through Space to Mars.
  • “Well, shall we go out and claim the planet in the name of Brooklyn?” – The Angry Red Planet (1959) [spoken inside the lander].
  • “We’re on Mars!” – Frederik Pohl (1976) Man Plus [also spoken from inside the lander].
  • “Christopher Columbus, you should be here.” – Philip Jose Farmer (1979) Jesus on Mars.
  • “Well, here we are.” – Kim Stanley Robinson (1992) Red Mars.
  • “Ya’aa’tey” (Navajo for “it is good”) – Ben Bova (1992) Mars.
  • “… the first human feet to step on the Red Planet, the world of ancient canals and our new dreams. We are proud to have been asked to make your history. From Mars Mission 2000, we say: peace, the dream continues.” – Bryan Appleyard (1994) The First Church of the New Millennium.
  • “I’m home.” – Stephen Baxter (1996) Voyage.
  • “It wasn’t me!” – RocketMan (1997).
  • “Shit.” – Alastair Reynolds (2002) The Real Story.
  • “Weeee’re … off to see the Wizard!” – John Varley (2003) Red Thunder.
  • “I take this step for all of humanity, so that we may walk together as one people along the road to the stars.” Peter F. Hamilton (2004) Pandora’s Star.
  • “By the authority vested in me as a representative of the Ares Project and the first human being to set foot on Mars, I claim all the rights and privileges pertaining thereunto for the Project.” Eric Flint, Ryk E. Spoor (2006) Boundary.
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