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2014 space archaeology bibliography

  1. Breeden ‘SETI implications of gravitational assist via chaotic trajectories of binary objects
  2. Chen How to Find the Apollo Landing Sites
  3. Christian ‘Phased Aviation Archaeology Research [PAAR] : development and application of a standardised methodology to Second World War aircraft sites in Scotland
  4. Clegg et al ‘Effects of rocket exhaust on lunar soil reflectance properties
  5. Gillon ‘A novel SETI strategy targeting the solar focal regions of the most nearby stars
  6. Gorman ‘The anthropocene in the Solar system
  7. Herzing ‘Profiling nonhuman intelligence: An exercise in developing unbiased tools for describing other “types” of intelligence on earth
  8. Jung ‘The McMinn Street WWII bomb crater: A new class of archaeological site in Darwin
  9. Lin et al ‘Detecting industrial pollution in the atmospheres of Earth-like exoplanets
  10. Michaloudis ‘Etherospermia: Conceptual art, science and allegory in the sky-seeding project
  11. Nazarenko ‘Prediction of the space debris spatial distribution on the basis of the evolution equations
  12. O’Leary ‘A model for recovery: predicting the location of human remains on WWII bombardment and cargo aircraft crash sites
  13. Pardini & Anselmo ‘Review of past on-orbit collisions among cataloged objects and examination of the catastrophic fragmentation concept
  14. Richter et al ‘From STEM to STEAM: Towards aerospace partnerships with cultural heritage diagnostics
  15. Saunders Aircraft Salvage in the Battle of Britain and the Blitz
  16. Scheffer ‘Investigating nearby exoplanets via interstellar radar
  17. Sidorenko ‘UNESCO Thematic Initiative “Astronomy and World Heritage”: studies and research on technological heritage connected with space exploration
  18. Teodorani ‘A strategic “viewfinder” for SETI research
  19. Teodorani ‘Search for high-proper motion objects with infrared excess
  20. Vakoch Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication
  21. Veronico Hidden Warbirds II: More Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WWII’s Lost Aircraft
  22. Wright et al ‘The Ĝ infrared search for extraterrestrial civilizations with large energy supplies. I. Background and justification
  23. Wright et al ‘The Ĝ infrared search for extraterrestrial civilizations with large energy supplies. II. Framework, strategy, and first result
  24. Zalasiewicz et al ‘The technofossil record of humans
  25. Zilberman ‘“Dyson Spheres” as an Alternative to the Dark Matter Explanation of Hidden Masses in Galaxies
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